Gimme that the Jimmys

This one gets off to a rockin' beginning as our favourite group from Monroe, WI provides a high octane performance on"HaDaya HaDaya" that exemplifies everything which makes this group particular -- tight musical interplay, a hot sexy horn section along with Jimmy Voegeli's spirited vocals and keyboard function. Drummer Mauro Magellan was an original member of the Georgia Satellites - his fellow group member, Dan Baird, adds his guitar into the track combined with Warner Hodges of Jason & the Scorchers celebrity, who lays a short but incendiary guitar solo.

Voegeli composed every one the tunes for this undertaking. The most recent edition of"Girl All Woman" highlights the New Orleans R&B components of this tune, together with the tenor sax solo from Bryan Husk driving home the point. Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick leads some cowbell into the monitor. The horns deliver an excess layer of liveliness into the monitor.

The speed slows "Baby's So Nice" using Voegeli's compassionate vocal among those disc's highlights, surrounded by the majestic sounds of his Hammond organ and a dominating alto sax solo from Peterson Ross. The instrumental"Jimmys Groove" sets a blue-funk texture with the group's guitarist, Dave Potter, enjoying a number of his constantly tasteful licks. Voegeli stars on the manhood as the horn section blasts from the background and Carlos sits in on drums. "JiMo Boogie" includes Magellan as the only service for Voegeli's lengthy piano solo which highlights the effect of the New Orleans piano tradition onto his personality together with a couple of traces of ragtime piano. Voegeli switches into the Rhodes electric piano "All I Ask" and Potter gets another opportunity to shine.

There are two tunes that reveal the group's flexibility in addition to demonstrating they aren't scared to move beyond more conventional material. Baird plays a succinct solo in the mid-point until Flynn brings you house with some delightful playing which catches the B.B. King sound. There's a second, briefer version of the monitor in the end of the disk, meant for wireless play. "The Tree" is another departure from the remainder of the disk drive. Voegeli along with his wife, Laura, frequently visit her mommy. There's a little cemetery nearby which the few frequently churns through. They constantly pass by a grave that sits beneath a Yew tree. The tune is Voegeli's imagining a potential narrative that joins together the deceased soul along with the shrub. His dark, gloomy vision tells the story of a father's love and sacrifice for his daughter, which brings added tragic effects.

In case you've captured one of those Jimmys live shows, you know what to expect from that disk - and you won't be let down. There's tons of the group's upbeat, good-time songs they are famed for. Some may be somewhat disappointed at the amount of high-profile, guests. However all of them make sound contributions without affecting what the Jimmys are about. And every group should obtain an advantage which aids with their own marketing. Whenever you've got an assortment of musicians this gifted, and a frontman with all the charm of Jimmy Voegeli, then you're ensured plenty of music. This is a nice first attempt and has me anxiously awaiting another Jimmys recording.