How to Write a Good Social Media Essay

Having a bunch of profiles in different social networks doesn't surprise anyone as they have become a significant part of our life. We get used to commenting on various posts, sharing our opinions, and showing daily routine, but we feel awkward when it comes to writing a social media essay. So, it's time you learned how to write a good social media essay yourself in order not to pay for homework, which will be done for you.

Types of Social Media Essay

Before writing an essay, you should choose a perfect sociology topic which you know pretty well. If you know the issue well, you have something to say about it. Social media essays come in several forms: argumentative, persuasive, and satire.
Argumentative Essay
Writing an argumentative essay needs you to take a certain point of view and support it with analysis from trustworthy sources. The more solid arguments you have, the more exciting your essay is for the audience. You need to get prepared well for its writing because sometimes it turns out you have not enough arguments to write a full essay.
Persuasive Essay
If you think you have a talent for persuasion, you can try to write an excellent persuasive paper. Its main goal is to convince the audience about your idea. If you want a reader to accept your explanations, you should have solid arguments supported by real-life examples. If you have the critical thinking, try your hand at writing this type of essay.
Satire Essay
A satire essay is for those who have a good sense of humor because it requires using irony and hyperbole to achieve the desired result. This essay usually mocks or criticizes the subject. Avoid laughing at things that can hurt people's feelings, for example, appearance, habits, etc.

What Makes Your Essay Successful?

If you desire your essay to bring the necessary result and the audience catch your message, write a good-structured social media essay following the specific rules. A standard social media essay has three parts: an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion.
An introductory part has to be catchy as it helps you attract readers' attention. Here you mention what you are going to tell about, but don't use long and complicated sentences. Write a thesis here. It is a sentence summarizing your ideas about a certain issue. Don’'t forget about the number of words in the essay. Reading long essays are dull.
The main part usually includes three passages. Plan this part carefully, not to make your readers confused with your thoughts. Remember that all your arguments have to be supported, so use an example after each argument. Keep to the main topic and share your opinion consequently.
A conclusion is considered an important part of your paperwork. You summarize all your ideas and write the final thesis here. More often, a conclusion includes a call to action.