College Education Essay

College education has a very important place in our lives. College education is what prepares us to our professional lives. 

There is an intense debate about whether classes should be conducted with open discussions between the professor and the students or they should be lecture-based. In my view, classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures are better for two important reasons. 

The main reason is that interactivity leads to better learning. When students are engaged in the classroom, learning will be fun. Moreover, the retention and recalling of information will be easier. For example, when I was a college student, I was taking public speaking classes. My professor conducted the entire classes lecture-based. It was such a boring class that I did not understand anything. Therefore, at the end of the semester, I failed. I had to retake this class the following year. However, this time I deliberately took this class from another professor. My friends told me that he had been conducting his classes based completely on open discussions and student-presentations. After I took the same classes from two different professors with two different teaching methods, I understood the real value of open discussions. As you can see, two classes that I took taught me that classes with open discussions are much more beneficial for me. 

Another reason is that classes with open discussion improve some necessary skills in real life. When students are engaged in discussions with other students, they will improve their interpersonal skills especially through group works, which will help them express themselves better. For instance, a friend of mine who is an introvert told me that since he started his career, which requires an extensive cooperation with other employees at the place where he works, he has started feeling more connected to people. Back in our high school days, he was afraid of talking to other people. However, right now, that is not the case and he can express himself much better thanks to the dynamics in his work place. As you can see, discussions or group works can improve your interpersonal skills. 

To sum up, classes in which students are engaged through various activities such as classroom discussion are better. Classes with open discussion will help students not only because it engages students which will lead to better learning thanks to the interactivity but also because it helps them improve their interpersonal skills, which will be necessary in their future lives. Every professor should include some forms of discussions into their classes.