American Capitalism Essay

American Capitalism, has been a result of various moments in history reflecting its image and view, particularly involving key events including slavery among the 19th century, which are the building blocks of capitalism in the United States. American History has made in part some of these blocks, showing us more than just the events, yet reflecting them and showing an insight into the workforce behind it; consisting of slaves. American Capitalism and History have particularly mixed notoriously; that some of its foundations come out from slavery within the 19th century, whose has gained success over time and were key at the moment in order of the American Capitalism for its development and image worldwide.

Slavery among the many factors was a crucial element within the development of U.S capitalism, being a building block of it. Furthermore, the various industries of which the slaves were put to work, included plantations, particularly the cotton plantations. Capitalism focuses, on the idea private property within the sector of industry and production using resources and gaining profit from it, seeing it from an economic perspective; hence it can be seen that slavery certainly fits in this context as implied the usage of resources(land, plantations, slaves, investments), for the means of production in order to sell it, and gain profit. From another perspective, it is one of the first ways in which the United States induces capitalism in their economy, therefore making slavery one of its origins within a key moment in history for its development.

Desmond focuses on linking the modern-day practices done in U.S capitalism, and labor practices under slavery. Desmond’s way of linking them, implied various methods, of which one of them was using examples, such as the plantations. He then goes into more details and describes them, for instance, as he talks about them, he links the authority or system with management techniques that corporations use which were practiced by plantation owners. Another linking he does, is comparing U.S capitalism to the labor practices within the various examples Desmond gives and expanding the facts and showing similarities, such as the usage of measurement and scientific accounting (minutiae of planting, slave diets and clothing) within that period back then; nowadays is done also by companies of which implied monitoring in a more intensive way compared to the labor camps using technology.

Particularly the biggest curiosity is found within the article that Desmond wrote, is giving slavery an image of being the primitive or origins of U.S capitalism, just hearing it seems unusual to understand, however, when you read the article it gives you a clearer image of the author’s perspective on the topic. Furthermore, its more than just the slaves; investors and banks were involved within the cotton market as to investing in slaves and in the cotton plantations, in which it involved a lot of money and got to a point where there was a financial struggle.

The article itself mentions how slavery relates to the modern U.S capitalism of nowadays, being crucial in its development, which can be connected to various labor practices under slavery, and from all that, besides getting surprised by the fact that it seems unusual, but curios that Desmond shows in his article that slavery an image of being the primitive or origins of U.S capitalism, and beyond you don’t just learn something new, but also enjoy the article and have a better sense about many things including its history, and current and past labor practices that are still used nowadays.